10 Day Detox Diet: Weight Loss & Free Detox Starter Kit

10 day detox diet

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Request your bonus recipes and detox starter kit right now.

When you hear the words “Detox Diet,” what do you imagine eating?

Celery sticks? Lemon water? Nothing?

It’s time to forget about starvation diets like these that always make the pounds come right back. That’s because the secret to fast, lasting weight loss is to eat healthy, satisfying food that boosts fat-burning and reboots your entire body.

So how can you find out more about eating this way?

My good friend, Dr. Mark Hyman, has just come out with a brand new book called The 10-Day Detox Diet Cookbook.  It’s packed with delicious, healing recipes that can help you drop 10 pounds. Plus it can help erase symptoms of disease in as little as 10 days!

Here’s your chance to sample some of these great-tasting 10 Day Detox Diet recipes for yourself absolutely free…

Request your bonus recipes and detox starter kit right now.

This collection has something for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Download them immediately and start sampling mouthwatering dishes, such as:

  • Morning Glory Muffins <- This is super popular with my clients.
  • Green Goddess Smoothie <- Who doesn’t love a smoothie?
  • Avocado Stuffed with Creamy Chicken Salad <- I made this with tofu.
  • Miso Soup with Beef and Bok Choy <- Seitan was my substitute here.
  • Inside Out Burgers with Zesty Carrot Fries <- Our meat eaters loved this.
  • And many more!

In addition to these tasty recipes, your 10 Day Detox Diet starter kit also comes with these quick start guides to help you shift your body into fat-burning mode right away:

  •  5 Tips to Eliminate Belly Fat 
  •  The 10-Day Detox Diet Roadmap 

You will also get a few extra surprises to help make it easier to jumpstart your weight loss and reboot your health.

Request your bonus  recipes and detox starter kit right now.

This food is amazingly tasty and satisfying, and you’ll love how good it makes you feel. Together with your quick start guide, it will be a snap to start shedding pounds and getting healthy fast!

Grab these bonus gifts while you can – they’re only available for a limited time.

Naturally Yours,


P.S. This is not your typical detox food… these recipes taste like gourmet dining! I have had an early release copy of this book for quite some time and have loved cooking my way through it.

P.P.S. Gone are the days of overloading your body with excess sugar and toxins. Welcome healthy, whole ingredients to put your body into fat-burning mode.

Act now to claim your bonus recipe collection and detox starter kit, while they are still available! 

Request your bonus  recipes and detox starter kit right now.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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6 thoughts on “10 Day Detox Diet: Weight Loss & Free Detox Starter Kit”

  1. Joan Harrington

    Hi Elise,

    Awesome post on this 10 day detox diet! I have really never thought of doing this, will definately be looking more into this book and free starter kit, looks like something I need 🙂 Thanks for sharing this resource!

  2. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Hi Elise,
    this sounds like a good diet, I never liked the starving recipes.
    I think if the food is tasty and satisfying and has the right ingredients
    people may stay with it even after a diet. For many it is enough only
    to eat in a different way to lose weight and even better if it is detoxing.
    Thank you

  3. Hello Elise, Now this is something I need to do, LOL It has been a long winter.

    I have never found a detox I like perhaps this is it.. I am all over this one,

    Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

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