Why Canning Is Your Ticket To Healthier Meals


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Why Canning Is Your Ticket To Healthier Meals

Hi everyone. [ctt template=”8″ link=”u4j72″ via=”yes” ]I’m Jenny and I blog at The Domestic Wildflower where I teach beginners about homemade and handmade food & crafts. I’m so happy to be here today to share with you why canning is your ticket to healthier meals, quicker.[/ctt]


I love sharing canning with others because it is nowhere near as difficult as most people think and most importantly; a girl’s gotta eat.

Canning is an old-fashioned but yet totally modern way to cook in advance for yourself and your loved ones.

I love sharing canning with others because it is nowhere near as difficult as most people think.

Most importantly; a girl’s gotta eat. You need to feed at least yourself (and possibly many others) three times a day, every day. Doing a good job of that can make cooking dinner a ton easier. I love lots of other hobbies like sewing. However, I have to feed myself and my family and canning have made that better, easier, and more satisfying. I don’t need to sew daily but I definitely need daily nourishment.


Canning makes it possible for you to share lovingly prepared food with a lot of people because you can in batches.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”h0Qby” via=”yes” ]Canning makes it easy to share the bounty of the season long after its harvest.[/ctt]

Canning is a way of cooking that allows your effort to be shared beyond the mealtime. One of the best parts of teaching people how to can is hearing about to whom they plan on gifting their jars of jam and salsa. Consider a holiday dinner; Once it is enjoyed and the effort expended, that’s it, except for the next-day turkey sandwiches. With canning, the effort is spread over a much longer period of time. Canning is literally spreading the love.


Canning gives you choice and authorship over what you eat. Eating healthy is THE hottest health topic around and for good reason. We all know someone who has lived what we would consider a healthful life and yet has suffered from one chronic disease or another. Surely, what we eat has played at least some small part.

We cannot control everything and I would never suggest that everyone needs to start their own homestead. However, I will suggest that learning how to can give you choice.

A choice is something that is currently absent from the grocery store aisle.


If you know how to can, you can preserve the peaches that you choose. Either you picked them, bought them from a market, or actively made a choice to can THOSE particular peaches. You get to wash them and you get to decide what recipe you use. Further choices include what kind of sweetener and what kind of spice. Finally,  you get to choose to feed them to your family. Buying store-bought, packaged, and/or prepared food takes most of those choices away from you.


Even if your produce isn’t organic, or if you make something that probably doesn’t qualify as a “health food” such as syrup or jam, it is miles better tasting and more wholesome than whatever you can buy premade.

If you aren’t making the choice, who is?


That is an important question anyone who is concerned about health should be asking.

Canning doesn’t have to be all about what is organic/green/farm fresh/insert trending word here, either. It is just dreamy to pick wild berries and preserve them. It is fabulous to go to a farmer’s market and buy fresh bell peppers from a person who actually grew.


Is that real life?

Not for most of us. What is real life, however, is scoring an impossibly large flat of ripe peaches in a warehouse store on sale for cheap.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”CuwXJ” via=”yes” ]Knowing how to can allow you to preserve inexpensive produce into whatever you want.[/ctt]

Even if your product isn’t organic, or if you make something that probably doesn’t qualify as a “health food” such as syrup or jam, it is miles better tasting and more wholesome than whatever you can buy premade.


Canning also helps you completely bypass one scary element lurking in the grocery store aisle: BPA.

BPA (bisphenol A), an endocrine disruptor which is linked to several cancers, obesity, ADHD, infertility, and type-2 diabetes, is commonly used in the plastics used to package foods.

You probably already knew that or had a rough idea anyway, that BPA is bad, and it is used in plastics that often are in contact with food.

You also probably have noticed that there are a great number of grocers and companies claiming they carry foods in packages that are “BPA-Free.”

The trouble is that BPA-Free doesn’t actually mean it is safe, or that it is definitely free from BPA.

Here’s how I do my best to provide healthier meals.

I learned how to can.

Canning has a really lame reputation as being old-fashioned (it is so cool!), dangerous (definitely not & absolutely not as dangerous as BPA!) time consuming (I’m all about efficient & fast) and difficult (easy!).  

I love teaching gals all about this kind of old-fashioned but now totally current way of healthy cooking.

Learn about canning in the completely free canning basics course.

Here a beginner will learn the 3 most common obstacles a novice will face. The completely free canning basics course will get you ready to start canning healthy, homemade foods this canning season!  

That was a great post,

Now it is your turn, Jenny and I would love to hear your feedback. Just comment below.

Are you curious to learn if canning is right for you? Do you currently do any canning? What are your favorite things to can?

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  2. I’ve often wondered about canning. It’s something I think I’ll look into in the future. I really didn’t know about the BPA issue; that’s scary!

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