Cast Iron Cookware Makes A Great Gift

Dependable Cast Iron Cookware will make your life easier. There are few pieces of cookware as versatile and dependable as a good cast iron Dutch oven.

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Cast Iron Cookware Makes A Great Gift

Dependable Cast Iron Cookware will make your life easier.

There are few pieces of cookware as versatile and dependable as a good cast iron Dutch oven.

Finding the right one can be the beginning of many delicious memories.  Good cast iron cookware can last forever. This makes it especially important to choose well.



For starters, there are two types of cast iron cookware available: “regular” and enameled.

Regular cast iron is the traditional black, heavy-duty version that held a place of honor in your grandmother’s kitchen.

Enameled cast iron is coated with several layers of really tough, smooth porcelain. This durable porcelain surface means there is no need to season (or protect the pre-seasoning) on your investment like you do with regular cast iron. For this reason, enameled cast iron provides a definite convenience factor for busy home cooks.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”y0Xpq” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Unlike traditional cast iron the enameled versions cannot be used outside on open flames or on the grill.[/ctt]

This coated surface makes cleanup a breeze. It also means that it is not reactive to food, so it is safe for tomato sauces and other acidic dishes that can be problematic for regular cast iron.

Although enameled cast iron is heralded for being dishwasher safe, most manufacturers recommend hand washing.

This cookware is perfect for one-pot meals because it can go from cooktop to oven to dinner table.

Additionally, it always looks great in the process.


Pricey enameled cast iron by Le Creuset has become a status symbol.

This is, in part, due to a gorgeous palette of eye-catching designer colors.

However, the high price tag found on Le Creuset pieces is a big deterrent for a lot of people.

Fortunately, there are more affordable options available that are worth a closer look.

One option that stands out is the Lodge enameled cast iron Dutch oven.

Lodge is a well-known brand that has carved out a distinguished place in the market over the last 100 years.

Lodge offers tough-as-nails products. Additionally, Lodge products are available in several sizes.

You can currently choose from 3.0, 6.0 and 7.5-quart sizes on Amazon.

I recommend the 6.0-quart option. It is plenty big enough to make pots of chili, stew or soups large enough to feed a crowd.

You may find the 3.0-quart version too small for many uses, while the sheer size and weight of the 7.5-quart option can make it difficult to get it in and out of hot ovens safely.

I am also pretty in love with the combination set.

This one includes a 10-inch square grill pan, an 8-inch square panini press, a 6-quart dutch oven with lid, and an 11-inch skillet. If you want this one I suggest to get it at Walmart where it is about $50 less expensive than on Amazon.


Presently, the Lodge 6 Qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven has received more than 4,400 reviews on Amazon, with a combined rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars. 91% of those who reviewed it – nearly 4,000 people – feel it deserves a 4 or 5-star rating!

Many reviewers note that the Lodge enameled Dutch oven has a similar look to the much pricier cast iron cookware by Le Creuset.   

I would love to know your experience with either of these brands (or any others you may recommend).

Please let me know in the comments below.

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70 thoughts on “Cast Iron Cookware Makes A Great Gift”

  1. I have wanted some Le Crueset for as long as I can remember, however really can’t afford the price tag. Lodge seems like a pretty good option to me especially with those reviews – superb

  2. I love the looks of this cookware, especially how colourful it is, I like the fact that it’s more affordable than some other brands I’ve seen before!

  3. I’ve always wanted some Le Creuset, it must make cooking so much easier being able to switch from the hob to oven without changing pans. It’s good to know there are cheaper alternatives as Le Creuset is SO expensive.

  4. These are pretty with elegant style. This looks like a thing I would spend my money on to, I’m sure this is worth to get. This will also make a good gift for Christmas.

  5. I have always loved the look of Cast Iron Cookware. It’s just so beautiful. And I’d love to own Le Crueset, but as you said it’s expensive! I love the sound and look of the Lodge products x

  6. I am in love with how elegant these look! At first I was a little skeptical because you mentioned they were heavy, but these look so stylish and if you say they make things easier than I’m in! Going to have to share to see if maybe I can get them as a gift from someone this year <3

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