Five Fresno Landmarks To Get You Thinking Outside Of The Box

There are thirty-one sites in Fresno and the immediate surrounding area in the National Register of Historic Places.

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An especially interesting fact was learned at


There are thirty-one sites in Fresno and the surrounding area in the National Register of Historic Places.


Certainly, this is impressive.


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Let’s take a look at 5 Fabulous Fresno Landmarks.


Evidently, there is more going on there in Fresno then most people realize.


1. Pantages Theatre (1929)

1400 Fulton Street


Historical Significance

The Pantages Theatre was constructed by Alexander Pantages.  Before Pantages retired, he controlled 40 theaters. At the same time, he owned 16 additional theaters. Clearly, he was a savvy businessman. In 1929 the theatre was purchased by Warner Brothers. Fresno became the second West Coast city to have a Warner Brother’s motion picture theater.  As a result, its name was ultimately changed to “Warners Theatre.”


2. Forestiere Underground Gardens (1906-1946)

5021 W. Shaw Avenue


Historical Significance

Baldasare Forestiere designed and hand-sculpted Forestiere Underground Gardens. Consequently, Forestiere created a completely unique underground retreat. Evidently, his motivation was to escape the San Joaquin Valley’s extreme heat. He continued to expand and modify the gardens throughout his life. Clearly, he had a very interesting vision.


3. Old Fresno Water Tower (1894)

2444 Fresno Street


Historical Significance

In 1891, George Washington Maher was commissioned to design Fresno’s water tower. Consequently, the pumping machinery was in operation from 1894 through 1963. Finally, in 2001 the second floor was removed.  At this point, the interior of the tower became the facilities visitors’ center.


4. Southern Pacific Railroad Depot (1889)

1713 Tulare Street


Historical Significance

The Central Pacific Railroad was chartered by Congress to construct a portion of the first transcontinental line. It was started in Sacramento and proceeded eastward. Eventually, the Central Pacific Railroad became the Southern Pacific in 1884. Indeed the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot is one of the best symbols of the agri-business capital of the world


5. Warehouse Row Buildings

Wormser Building (1909)
764 P Street

Western Meat Company (1910)
754 P Street

Fresno Consumers Ice Company (1903)
702 P Street


Historical Significance

In the 1890s and continuing into the early 1900s, Fresno County became one of the richest agricultural counties in the United States. Meanwhile, construction of the Warehouse Row buildings began. Certainly, this was in reaction to the growing community.


In addition to all of this, I learned that Fresno has notably affordable housing.


Check out the affordable Homes for Sale in Fresno, California and you will undeniably see this fact.


Have you ever been to Fresno or anywhere in Central California?


Indeed there is much to see and do.


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21 thoughts on “Five Fresno Landmarks To Get You Thinking Outside Of The Box”

  1. I’ve been to San Diego and LA several times, and we spend a lot of time in the Bay Area, but I’ve missed the bit in the middle! One of these days we’ll do the drive up – or down – the coast. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights of Fresno with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

  2. Carol Cameleon

    I love the sound of the water tower and those pictures are interesting, particularly the cave-like one. #kcacols

  3. Here are a couple of blogs I did on stuff in Fresno:

    Also, you reminded me that I need to do a blog on the ballpark there.

    My daughter got accepted there but declined to go. I have a really good friend who lives there and I go visit her from time to time.

    The Central Valley is interesting. When my ex and I got divorced a long time ago, she moved to Tracy and I spent a lot of time up there (I stayed in the Bay Area). It is a place that I have a hard time dealing with. Yes, it does have affordable housing but there is not much culture there for me.

    1. Oh but the Bay Area has so many wonderful things to see and do. I love going up there and go often. I will be checking out those blog posts that you linked.

  4. Interesting post! I’ve never been to California but it’s definitely on my wishlist as one of the states I’d love to visit.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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