Should You Be Making A Fresno Move?

There are thirty-one sites in Fresno and the immediate surrounding area in the National Register of Historic Places.

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A Fresno Move?


Easy To Get Around!


Whether flying in, driving, using public transit, or walking around, Fresno makes it easy for people to move around. The place is easily accessible by both airplane, car, etc. Fresno streets are easy to navigate and the city doesn’t typically see terrible traffic. The international airport is located near several inexpensive yet elegant hotels and a myriad of walkable areas downtown. The downtown has a huge convention center where you can walk and enjoy the weather, since Fresno gets about 300 days of sunshine each year. You can also enjoy riding your bike on the paved road, as well as on the historic trails that will lead you right to the historic Old Clovis, or just stroll along the Dry Creek Trail that’s equipped with a park, an outdoor gym, and the Clovis Botanical Gardens.

Amazing Weather in Fresno


Great weather is just one of the amazing things Fresno has to offer! With approximately 300 days of sunshine per year, kids will be able to stay active and participate in sports and other fun outdoor activities. During the summer, the temperature stays right around 80 and winter temperatures run around 50 degrees, which is very tolerable. Fresno has all the sunny days you could ask for and moving there will be convenient to get to your favorite places without the stress and hassle that weather can sometimes cause.

Learning, Learning, Learning in Fresno


For people who have kids, living in Fresno can be a game changer. With an array of the coolest attractions for kids, you’ll be able to find so many things for the little ones to participate in.  The Discovery Center offers tons of hands-on activities not just for the kids, but for the whole family to enjoy.  One of most popular places is the Science Museum, where kids get to learn lessons in a variety of ways. Lessons include botany, geography, electricity, and more through interactive activities. Having all these family-friendly activities at your fingertips is a privilege not many people get to experience.  


Affordable Housing in Fresno


In case you weren’t aware of the awesome housing affordability in Fresno, it’s time to unfold why many people have the best experience of moving to Fresno.  Homes for sale in Fresno CA are extremely affordable compared to other cities in California, like Los Angeles or San Francisco.  Overall, the housing is affordable given the median home value of $195,000, which is 50% less than the California average.  


Safety in Fresno


When considering a move to any location, most people think about safety. The residents of Fresno feel the same way.  Over the years, Fresno’s crime rate has gone down significantly, making it one of the more safe cities in the area. Fresno is a city that is on the move, working to make sure that it’s residents are happy, safe and pursuing their dreams.


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9 thoughts on “Should You Be Making A Fresno Move?”

  1. I was born in Fresno and raised in Clovis, which is right next to and even better than Fresno! You are right! It is a great place in California. I have lived in Phoenix AZ for over 30 years now, but I still miss the beauty of the San Juaquin Valley, the great schools there and the conservative values there.

  2. That middle house is gorgeous and I can’t believe the median house prices there! Here in Australia it’s around $500,000 for an average 4 bedroom home – the comparison is ridiculous! It’s enough to make me want to move…..wait, no it’s not, Australia still holds my heart 🙂

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