Are Glass Straws The Best Choice For Your Home?

This image is provided by Glass Dharma which is a company that I look forward to learning more about.

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Glass Straws are an alternative to toxin leaking plastic straws, but are they the way to go?

Glass Straws are eco friendly and there is no worry about plastic which is a petroleum byproduct. Petroleum is neither environmental nor skin friendly. I am, however, concerned about cleanliness especially considering that green smoothies would be the main thing being sucked through my glass straw.

When I asked this question of Glass Dharma I was advised that they send out the straw with an adorable (my words, not theirs) little brush that is supposed to do the job.  They also recommend a run through the dishwasher for sanitizing.  

A high quality glass straw is made from a high quality glass and is resistant to chipping and breakage. Of course, it is glass so if you drop it then it may break. They are not disposable which could be a pro for some and con for others. They will not contribute to filling our landfills but they do require you to carry them with you if you want to be exclusive to glass straws. Many of them do come with carry cases.

Glass Straws are certainly prettier than regular plastic straws. However, they are also more money with the average range being $6.50-$10.50.  

So, glass straw or no glass straw?

I  am pretty sure that at this point you all realize that I am going to try glass. After all I need to let you know how I feel they clean up 🙂

HMMM… It is almost Mother’s Day.

Perhaps my family is reading this and will see that this is the latest thing that I want. Of course, I also want a Breville Juicer from a certain store that happened to send a 20% off coupon today. But really I am not hinting at all, I am just sharing my desires with all of you wonderful health enthusiasts. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Are Glass Straws The Best Choice For Your Home?”

  1. Ellen,

    Thank you. That definitely helps. I intend to order later today and then I, of course, will share my thoughts here. I love the idea of gift with purchase 🙂

    I love your idea of having two separate pouches.

  2. Ellen,

    Thank you. That definitely helps. I intend to order later today and then I, of course, will share my thoughts here. I love the idea of gift with purchase 🙂

    I love the idea of having two separate pouches. Thank you for sharing.

  3. We have been using glass straws for over a year now. I bought cleaning brushes and carry pouches. I even made a multiple compartment one so I can carry the various sizes with me. I carry a large purse, so this isn’t a problem. You can drink hot or cold drinks easily with them. They clean well. And for the dilemma as to what to do with the dirty straw is to designate a pouch for such a purpose when you can’t readily wash it. I do this all the time.
    People at restaurants look at us like we’re crazy when we use our glass straws people at the drive through crack up when I decline a straw and I tell them I have a glass one. I love these so much that we give them as thank you gifts with purchase from our store. So there’s my 2 cents to help you decide. Just sayin’…..

  4. Hi Aari –

    I love your analogy and it really makes a great deal of sense to me. I am interested only in larger gauge. My drinks consist of tea, Kombucha, fresh green juice and smoothies so they all lend themselves to either no straw at all or a big fat straw. I usually use Boba straws when I use a straw.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. I was skeptical on a number of levels, but I could never go back from using the large size to drink smoothies. It’s like eating off china with silverware rather than with plastic off a paper plate: it’s just better. And if you rinse it immediately you don’t need to even use the brush. Glass is not a surface hospitable to bacteria once it dries — no medium for them to exist in. And this is some sturdy glass. Haven’t tried the smaller gauge ones or carrying them yet — I’m sure it would be hard to go back!

  6. Elise Cohen Ho

    HI Claire –

    I have been thinking about this a great deal and I would not mind carrying it around to use either. It is really no different than the fact that I usually have a reusable bottle with me as well. It seems like if you wash it right away than it won’t be terribly difficult to keep clean but I am very curious to find out for myself. I don’t know if anyone really drinks hot beverages through a glass straw but my guess is that it would be fine to do.

  7. Hi Elise,
    I agree that glass straws offer a great environmental benefit. I wouldn’t mind carrying one to reuse, but I’d be concerned about cleanliness also. I don’t currently have dishwasher so would depend on the brush that comes with the straw, and perhaps soaking in hot soapy water.
    I haven’t seen glass straws yet, wasn’t aware that they are on the market. If they’re dishwasher safe, I imagine they are also heat resistant?
    Cool idea, regardless.

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