The Confusing World of Home Finance

Home Finance

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Home Finance.


What is amortisation and how much is amortisation going to cost me?


Do those terms make you want to run for the hills?

Are you completely overwhelmed by the terms, numbers. and just the whole process?

Sometimes I think that you need an encyclopedia just to follow the home finance conversation.


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But what if figuring out the mortgage was not so complicated?

That would make it easier to have the real conversations that you need to have when considering buying a home.

  1. Can I afford this mortgage?
  2. Can I afford the downpayment?
  3. What are the other costs involved with purchasing a home?
  4. What are the other costs involved with owning a home?
  5. Will the busy work of owning a home be too much for me?
  6. Do I really love this house?
  7. Does this house need fixing?
  8. Where is renovation project money coming from?

Okay, obviously I can come up with a ton of questions. I have been in this rodeo before.

As you can see many questions revolve around home finance. That is because it is IMPORTANT!!!


Do you know how many people buy homes that they cannot afford?

According to a Consumer Affairs study, 7 out of ten households are feeling the financial hit of having little to no savings left after paying their basic housing bills.  Further, 73% of respondents are reporting additional financial difficulties and 78% of millennial homeowners report feeling house poor.

This term might sound cute but it is not!

Do your due diligence and figure out if you can afford the mortgage before it is too late.


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Being aware of your finances before purchasing a new home is key. Do not make the mistake of buying more home than you can afford.


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36 thoughts on “The Confusing World of Home Finance”

  1. There’s so much in this that I wish we had known or even considered before buyng our home. Don’t get me wrong, I love this wee house, but there is alot I don’t love about it either that we’re now paying for.

  2. Hidden costs are an important one for sure. It seems like no matter how much research you do, there’s always something that either you didn’t think of, or your realtor did not mention!

  3. Home ownership can be so stressful, and it is good to have finances in place. Thanks for sharing this information. It is good to have a handle on finances.

  4. I live in Florida. I want to buy but I cannot even afford the cheapest house right now. My sister-in-law paid 140 K for a gorgeous 2/2 about 10 years ago. She just had a valuated and it’s 400 K. Prices have gone up out of my teaching salary and we are stuck in an apartment. Like you said though, it’s better than getting into a house and then not being able to afford it

  5. Yyyyoooo…I felt that….”money worries are stressful, your home shouldn’t be”! I am always scared at looking at anything called “mortgage”. But you have helped demystify it.


    There are quite a few costs involved when buying a home. We need to be prepared and know what we are doing.

  7. Buying a house is definitely a big decision and it requires you to think a lot before settling with your final decision.. you really have to think of your finances to see if you can really afford it. It’s a long term financial engagement afterall.. so better plan it ahead carefully

  8. Definitely a great post that is worth reading and everybody must consider. Home finance is totally a stressful thing in this life so let’s consider and answer all the questions here before getting one.

  9. Buying anything should be really well-planed. I need to know if my finances would be enough when buying something and if it is really a need or just want. Buying a home and considering such mortgages should be studied first.

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