Dr. Mark Hyman 10 Day Detox Diet: Phase One ~ Preparation

10 day detox diet

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Dr. Mark Hyman 10 Day Detox Diet: Phase One ~ Preparation

The Mark Hyman 10 Day Diet Detox is about ready to KICK OFF.


After the joy that was the experience of working with the team that brought The Blood Sugar Solution and The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook to you I could not be more

Blood Sugar Solution

pleased to have been invited to be a part of this next phase.

Throughout this website, you will find various recipes of Mark Hyman’s that I have already reviewed, as well as various articles that I am honored to present and now it is time to do the last minute preparations so as to be ready for the full kick-off day which is this coming Monday.

Please join me on my adventure…

The new book, like all previous books, is chock full of information.

I highly recommend reading it before your preparation days.

As well, you will refer back to it often during the program so do keep it handy. If you read it for the first time as you are working on the program you will constantly feel like you are playing catch up, you may even get frustrated and give up. If you read the 10-Day Detox Diet beforehand you will feel in control, supported and confident.

In these first pages, Dr. Hyman will share information about why “we” are losing the weight loss battle and how it is not your fault!

You will learn about sugar addiction, metabolic issues,  and he will dispel the myth that exercise is the key to weight loss.

Now mind you, I believe wholeheartedly in exercise, as does Dr. Hyman, but it will not solve the weight or health issues all on its own.

Dr. Hyman, in fact, presents many reasons why we should exercise but as he states:

“The simple fact is that you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet.” 

Dr. Hyman will also present studies, and other information, to help everyone to learn about the foods to avoid if they want to live a happy and inflammation free life. It is in this that the steps of preparation unfold.

The three main goals of the 10-Day Detox Diet preparation are simple.

1. Get rid of the bad stuff.  

2. Gather the good stuff.

3. Prepare your mind for success. 

Let’s break this down.

10-Day Detox Diet step one…get rid of the bad stuff.

It is clear to me, through my experiences, that this is the one that is the most problematic for people. In this phase caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, and flour are amongst the items to depart your food repertoire. You are encouraged to remove these items from your home completely, or at the least keep it out of your immediate sight. All items are to be stopped “cold-turkey” with the exception of caffeine which you will taper off of. This phase was no problem for me as most of these items are not in my daily repertoire, if at all.

Alcohol and caffeine have not been part of my life for more years than I can remember.

I gave them up when I tuned into how these addictive substances made me feel physically and emotionally.

The lack of sleep was a really big clue too. The alcohol is funny though because often when I am offered a glass of wine or other alcohol, and I refuse I am asked why. To this, I simply state I do not drink and then 90% of the time I am given a sympathetic nod. The assumption clearly being that I am an alcoholic.

Processed foods are something that I am also not a fan of and work hard to keep out of my house for myself and my family.  It is especially hard for my family at times. The hubby struggles with this more than I and with three teenagers at home and all enjoying eating out with their friends, at other people’s homes and enjoying many things that teenagers do they struggle with this more than I do, as well.

This may seem surprising considering my background and education in nutrition, health, and natural wellness but it is the reality.

Flour is another easy one for me where sugar is a nice, gentle reminder that so many foods have hidden sugars in them and the fact that I only use pure sweeteners (maple syrup, etc) does not make me exempt.

There are other foods to go, many of which do not have a terribly large effect on me such as gluten and dairy (I am vegan so I do not care), but then all the grains go as do beans.

But wait! I am vegan! What am I going to eat?

Ah, no need for concern. While Dr. Hyman believes that there is a place for meat in a person’s diet he is also respectful of people’s dietary decisions. With a word of caution about making sure to get proper levels of protein (something that is decidedly harder when you take away beans and the beloved Quinoa) the Dr. Hyman 10 Day Detox Diet provides a guide for vegans and vegetarians!  Not only that but during the daily chat session Dr. Hyman’s Nutrition Director, Lizzie Swick, get’s on the call to answer questions and to clarify issues for plant-based eaters and anyone else that has issues.

Did I say daily calls?

YES, I did…but more about that when we get into the coming ten days.

Now we gather supplies.

There are not a lot of complicated gadgets that you must buy for this program unless you have a strong desire to spend a great deal of money.

The main items that you need are groceries (read the menu’s ahead of time and plan your meals or you will be scrambling), bath supplies (indeed a daily bath is part of this protocol) a journal, supplements (there is a whole section where Dr. Hyman goes into his most recommended supplements) and then optional supplies such as a new water bottle, exercise clothes, scale, and glucose monitor.

I have all my required supplies plus any of the optional ones that I already own (which is most of them).

Align your mind and intentions includes exercise intentions.

You must figure out what has been holding you back from success.

There are various questions to ponder, meditate on and write about. This is powerful stuff and well thought out work. I love that there is a mental component to what is presented as I think that this provides such important information.

Measurements are taken the day before you start your journey as is a toxicity questionnaire. It is also optional to get lab work done. The purpose of all of this is so that you have something to compare to when you finish your tenth day.

Another beautiful, and so very important, part of this program is the support system available.

The Dr. Hyman 10 Day Detox Diet offers an online community and, if you so choose, you can also make arrangements for personalized coaching.

There is pretty great stuff here and I look forward to having you follow me on my journey. Please check back each day as I continue to share this experience.  Tomorrow I will talk about the daily schedule.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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