Our Happy Visit With Mad Dumplings Food Truck

Mac Attack Mad Dumplings

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Our Happy Visit With Mad Dumplings Food Truck

mad dumplings collageMad Dumplings Food Truck Tasting Extravaganza

Fen Yi Chen and Edwin Lee are the masterminds (or Mad Scientists) behind Mad Dumplings LLC. They are also two really nice young men with a passion for food, family, and fun.

Fen came to Southern California in March of 2016.

He left his stable job in New York City to follow a dream to help people “realize that there is more than one way to prepare your favorite foods.”

We try to bring you THE most unique flavors of dumplings you have ever come across. We don’t plan on reinventing the way you eat, but we do plan on providing our customers with options in what and how they eat. Food is one thing we should not hold ourselves back on. It brings us together; large get-togethers, small dates, solo dining, or when we just need that quick lunch to satisfy our hunger, it can be a tremendous experience and I plan on bringing the elusive feeling of “togetherness” to each one of my customers.

Edwin, like his co-owner, also left a stable job in New York to move to California. He made this move in 2011 in pursuit of his own happiness but realized it was a bit elusive. That is until he reconnected with Fen in 2016. 

I’ve always had passion for food, especially when the food is unique and something that I have never tried before. I believe we can link food with happiness and make people smile with every unique dumpling we serve. So on September 2016, I officially quit my job and started this new chapter in my life as co-owner of Mad Dumplings LLC.

The day that my taste tester (my teenaged son) and I set out to try Mad Dumplings it was cold and rainy. I would not have been surprised if the guys had chosen not to venture out that day but they are true to their word and were exactly where expected.

If they say they will be there then they will be there. A very important fact, especially if you hire Mad Dumplings for their catering packages.

We began our Mad Dumplings Food Truck Tasting Extravaganza with Vintage Dumplings filled to the brim with juicy ground turkey.  With a follow up of Mad Dumplings Best Seller, Pork Belly Longanisa Dumpling. This dumpling is stuffed with sweet Filipino-inspired sausage and topped with a sliver of marinated & grilled pork belly and a slice of jalapeno for a fresh kick.

Mad Dumplings Best Seller, Pork Belly Longanisa Dumpling

From here we made a break almost as far away as one can get from a traditional dumpling with the Mac Attack Dumpling.  This deep-fried Mac ‘N Cheese dumpling dressed with house spicy cilantro/mayo sauce was definitely a savory treat. I always say do not eat a splurge food unless it is really worth it. Well, it was.

Mac Attack Mad Dumplings

Marinated Pork Belly Waffle Fries were also on the taste testing menu. Grilled, sliced pork belly over a bed of crispy waffle fries and dressed with house spicy cilantro/mayo sauce, sesame seeds & jalapenos.mad dumplings pork belly waffle fries


I just had to have my taste tester try the Broken Meatball Dumpling. It was super important to so that we can give you a full report. 🙂 This was like a little dumpling meatball sandwich. Tender and classic were words that I was hearing used to describe this parmesan cheese topped fusion invention. Marinara sauce is for dipping.

Mad Dumplings Meatball Dumpling

OH MY GOODNESS! Dessert was a crazy Nutella filled dumpling topped with caramel sauce, powdered sugar and chunks of Oreo Cookies. Also 100% worth it with its sweet ooey gooey goodness.Dessert Mad Dumplings Style


It is clear which two dumplings were my favorites. They were absolutely delicious options for this gal who does not eat pork, poultry or red meat.

My carnivorous tasting partner had a particular affinity for the Classic Dumplings and Marinated Pork Belly Waffle Fries. Though he also really enjoyed those dessert dumplings too.

Catch Mad Dumplings on February 26th at the Rockstar Beer & Music Festival from 1 to 5 pm. You will not be disappointed.

Now the guys are all about customer feedback and they want to know what kind of dumplings you have tried or want to try.

You may even get some Mad Dumplings named after you.

Please share your dream dumpling ideas in the comments.

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Elise Ho
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Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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  1. Oh dear, now I’m totally fixated on Chinese food! These look wonderful and I am going to have to explore food truck opportunities in my new home in Oregon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my goodness… I am drooling here at the thought of the broken meatball dumplings and the nutella filled ones! They look delicious!

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