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Do you need recipes and ideas for incredible Smoothies?

With over 10,ooo followers on Pinterest I must be doing something pretty fun over there.  

Check out my Smoothies Pinterest Board and get inspired.

The mouthwatering choices that you will find on Pinterest include a Cherry Blackberry Green Smoothie, Daphne Oz’s Chia Almond Smoothie and hundreds more.

Whether you are looking for a smoothie or juice recipe, or something altogether different you are sure to find something wonderful on the over 100 boards and thousands of pins that my team and I have put together for you.

Do you have a great smoothie that you wish to share?

Comment on a pin and request to pin with us. I would love to have you join in the pinning fun.

Do not forget to click on through to the Smoothies Board.

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Naturally Yours,
Elise Ho
Ph.D., D.N. Psych.
Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist

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5 thoughts on “Find Fabulous Smoothies on Pinterest”

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  2. Christine Adindu

    Thank you for the tips. It made realize that I need to get back to juicing again. Summer is here my kids are already asking. I will try some of your recipes. Have a great week.

  3. Hi Dr. Elise, We have used juicing at different times for trying to get healthy or for weight loss. Unfortunately, we typically go with more of a onesided blend… moslty fruit with a handful of veggies.
    I think the favorite ones I do are berries(blueberries, strawberries or blackberries), apples, pineapple and then a handful of spinach and kale. We end up getting a little vegetable in there but probably way to much natural sugar. I will definitely look for your board to see what you have recommend. Thanks for posting about it.

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